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William F. Enneking, MD, FAOA Recognized As AOA Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession

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William F. Enneking, MD, FAOA is being recognized as an AOA Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession for his leadership, mentoring, and lifelong contributions to orthopaedic surgery during his distinguished career.

American Orthopaedic Association (AOA)

The American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) honors exemplary orthopaedic surgeons, past and present, as a Pillar of the orthopaedic specialty.

Individuals recognized as Pillars have served as clinicians, educators, and researchers, providing essential support to others in the orthopaedic community. Their commitment has inspired peers, partners, fellows, and residents to emulate their integrity, excellence, and advancement of the profession.

The professionals named as AOA Pillars have educated, mentored, motivated, and inspired future generations of orthopaedic leaders to continue the advancement of the profession. The AOA gratefully acknowledges each Pillar’s significant contributions to orthopaedic leadership, their dedicated service to the organization, and their lasting legacy to improving patient care.

To learn more about Dr. Enneking’s accomplishments and award recommendation, view the AOA Dr. Enneking Pillar Video.


About William F. Enneking, MD, FAOA

From the biography published on the official American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) website:

William Enneking, MD, FAOA

Dr. William F. Enneking was greatly influenced by Dr. Howard Hatcher during his orthopedic residency at the University of Chicago. Dr. Hatcher, considered the grandfather of orthopedic oncology in the US, helped develop Dr. Enneking’ s keen interest and focus on the pathologic basis of disease in orthopedics.

Early on Dr. Enneking was recognized as an upcoming leader in orthopedics. He took his first department chair position at the University of Mississippi at age 30. After a few years in Mississippi, he was recruited to start an orthopedic program at the University of Florida’s new medical school in 1960. His other leadership roles have included serving as President of AOA, ORS and ISOLS.

Initially his surgical practice encompassed all facets of orthopedics from club feet, trauma, sports medicine, spine surgery, and hand surgery, to tumor surgery. After spending time with Sir John Charnley in the UK, it is said that Dr. Enneking did some of the first hip replacement surgeries in Florida. Once a stellar cadre of orthopedic faculty was recruited to the University of Florida, Dr. Enneking was able to focus on musculoskeletal pathology and orthopedic oncology. His research targeted toward allograft transplant science, twice won the Kappa Delta Award for orthopedic research. He was a prolific writer. His paper from 1980, “A system for the surgical staging of musculoskeletal sarcoma” remains today as the most referenced paper in the field of musculoskeletal oncology. This is just one example of how he helped build the cognitive framework of orthopedic oncology.

Dr. Enneking was dedicated to the education of students at all levels. He took a very structured and Socratic approach to teaching, that was simultaneously pulse increasing and inspiring. His musculoskeletal pathology seminar and course materials have stimulated numerous young orthopedic surgeons to pursue a career in orthopedic oncology. He was very involved in the development of orthopedic oncology fellowships in the US. He helped formulate best practices and guidelines to ensure a great educational experience for tumor fellows.

While he liked to work hard, he also played hard. As the father of seven and the grandfather of 16 grandchildren, recreation often involved family in fishing and boating activities.

Dr. Enneking was truly a leader, educator and innovator. His positive influence on students, physicians and patients is far reaching and ongoing. It is an honor to recognize him as a Pillar of the American Orthopedic Association.

The AOA gratefully acknowledges Dr. Enneking’s lasting legacy and significant contributions to the orthopaedic community and proudly recognizes him as an AOA Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession.