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Interval Throwing Program (Return to Throwing)

All throws shall be four seam fastballs.

Under no circumstances should breaking balls be attempted during rehabilitation until clearance has been given to throw off the mound.

Warm Up

Prior to throwing: Warm-up for 5-10 minutes (jog).

Stretch per instructions.

Rest 5 minutes between sets when throwing.


ICE for 15 minutes following throwing program.

Rules of Soreness:

  • Allow at least one day of rest between each throwing session.
  • If sore during warm-up, but soreness resolves within the first 15 throws, repeat previous throwing session. If soreness develops again during session, stop the throwing session and take two full rest days. Upon returning to throwing, begin with the previous step.
  • If sore for more than 1 hour after throwing or sore of the next day, take 1 rest day then repeat the most recent throwing session.

Return to Pitching Mound and Interval Mound Program

Progression between phases is dependent on problem or surgery

  • Non-surgical problem
    • Progress through stages perhaps in 4 weeks
  • Minor surgery progress
    • Through stages perhaps in 4-6 weeks
  • Major surgery / reconstruction
    • Progress through phases over 2-3 months