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Biomechanical Analysis of Gait in a Walking Boot

Researchers at University of Florida Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Biomechanics Laboratory are studying how a corrective foot lift affects walking mechanics with walking boot.


Adults aged 18-40 with no prior history of lower extremity injuries and free of spinal, hip, or other musculoskeletal pathology that may alter walking mechanics.


The entire participation time is approximately 2 hours. You will be fitted for a walking boot and corrective lift on arrival. Gait analysis will be performed for joint kinematics and kinetics using skin-marker motion capture and inground force plates. Multiple reflective markers will be placed on your lower legs and spine for our specialized, infrared cameras to track and analyze motion. Force plates will record ground reaction forces during locomotion. After a 20-minute acclimatization period to the walking boot, you will select a normal and quick walking treadmill pace. Three walking trials will be performed at each pace:

  1. normal shoes
  2. normal shoe and walking boot
  3. walking boot and contralateral foot lift.

Athletic attire is preferred.