SCFE s/p Percutaneous Pinning

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Preoperative crutch training with crutches TDWB done with MD visit

Phase I (Weeks 0 – 6)   PROTECTION PHASE

  • TDWB with crutches for 6 weeks
  • IF prophylactic pinning on the opposite side, that side will be WBAT for transfers
  • Ankle, hip and knee ROM as tolerated

Phase II (weeks 6-12) INTERMEDIATE PHASE

  • Begin physical therapy following six week follow up with MD
  • Encourage hip ROM and normalize gait 
    • Heel slides, standing hip flexion, ab/ext
    • Weightbearing exercises to promote strength (minisquats, step ups, toe raises)
    • Proprioception for balance

Phase III (weeks 12-15) Return to play phase

  • Focus on sport specific activities     
  • Return to play with physician approval at 3-4 months

Download Protocol as a PDF