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Certified Athletic Trainers

Our certified athletic trainers work with area school districts, coaches, parents, physicians and athletes to provide truly collaborative care. From educating players and coaches on how to prevent injuries to developing "return to play" strategies, our athletic trainers keep athletes safe and get them back into the game quickly and safely following injuries and illnesses.

All of our athletic trainers hold degrees from accredited institutions, are board-certified and licensed by the State of Florida, and are trained in these key areas:

  • Injury/illness prevention and wellness protection
  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis of injuries
  • Immediate and emergency care of injuries and illnesses
  • Rehabilitation and reconditioning to minimize risk of re-injury and return patients to activity as quickly as possible
  • Referral of injured athletes to additional medical professionals when appropriate
  • Health care organization and administration
  • Education and training of coaches, parents, athletic training students and athletes

For more information, review our Certified Athletic Trainers Brochure:

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