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UF Sports Performance Center

UF Sports Performance Center

The UF Sports Performance Center (UF SPC) provides fitness testing, motion analyses, body composition and metabolic measures, exercise and nutritional programming and strength testing and training and more. We serve elite caliber athletes, young developing athletes early in their sports careers, and individuals aspiring to change to an active lifestyle. The UF services are provided in a state-of-the-art environment. If you want to improve your athletic performance, prevent injury or develop your "inner active self," our services are for you!

Why choose UF?

We proudly feature sports physician coverage, doctoral level trained health and sport scientists and trained, certified staff. Over a hundred combined sports medicine and health publications Over 60 years of combined experience Leading the way with developing breakthroughs on optimizing musculoskeletal health and performance Our team remains on the forefront of recent treatments, measures and training concepts.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to help you identify medical, kinematic and underlying musculoskeletal issues that may impact health and performance. We then try and help you correct and maintain optimal strength, flexibility, form and function. The aim will be to increase muscle efficiency, decrease the risk of injury, and increase overall athletic performance to your personal, customized goal.