Sports Physical Therapy Residency Admissions and Application

Sports residents accepted into our residency are hired as full time, benefitted employees of
UF Health Rehab Center- Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute (OSMI).  The annual salary for the residency position is $58,318.  The residency offers funding for education and professional development opportunities as a part of the residency experience. Our sports residency runs for 54 consecutive weeks.


There are currently two available sports resident positions.

We prefer applicants who have had sports experiences through clinical internships, volunteering at athletic events, or personal involvement. We are most interested in residents who are professional, passionate, friendly, and receptive to learning and feedback from many different therapists and other health care professions.

Sports residency applications are accepted through the Residency/Fellowship Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (RF-PTCAS) website.

The application portal will reopen on October 1 and close on December 1 each year for the residency beginning in August the following year.


Those identified candidates as well as all University of Florida DPT graduates are offered in person interviews.  The total number of qualified applicants will help in determining the number of interviews offered.

The date of the interview will vary year to year but will take place in either January or February with the final selection being made in March with the residency beginning in August.

Additional Requirements

Because residents are employees of UF Health, the candidates who agree to participate in the program are then required to apply for the residency positions through the UF Health Human Resources process, recognizing that these are reserved positions only for residents selected by the committee.  All residents must meet the employment requirements set forth by UF Health, including, but not limited to background check, drug testing, and licensure verification.

All residents must:

  • Be eligible for Physical Therapy licensure in the state of Florida.
    • For a resident candidate graduating in the same year as the start date of the UF Health Sports Physical Therapy Residency who is instructed to apply to the Rehab Fellowship position through the UF Health Human Resources application process must take the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) no later than July of that year.
    • If the candidate does not pass the test administered in July, the candidate is no longer eligible for Florida licensure by the start date of the program and therefore will not be offered the Rehab Fellowship position through UF Health Human Resources.
  • Secure and maintain a permanent license to practice Physical Therapy in the state of Florida in accordance with all Florida laws, rules and regulations of professional licensing.  If a resident fails to maintain a valid license or becomes ineligible to practice physical therapy in Florida for any reason, immediate termination procedures will be initiated.
  • Secure and maintain a Florida Driver’s License within 30 days of starting the residency.
  • Possess of one of the following prior to commencing the program:
    • current ATC designation
    • current license as an EMT
    • certification as an Emergency Medical Responder by an SCS approved vendor

For more information

Please contact:
Scott Greenberg, PT, DPT, CSCS
Manager of Clinical Operations – UF Health OP Rehab

UF Health Sports Physical Therapy Residency Director
UF Health Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Director
(352) 682-4306